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Therapeutic Stretch Lab (Tuesday's)
This class is designed to be therapeutic and gentle, while creating a safe environment that is an informative way to check in and let go.

We will be doing a series of gentle stretches while incorporating breath work to relax the mind, and help the body to soften and open.

Great for the beginner student to the most advanced student.

Feel free to email me what is going on in your body after registering for class (at least an hour prior) and I will adjust the class to fit your needs.

Please have a mat, and any of the props from the list below, would be great but not required:

2 - 4 Blocks
1 Strap
2 Blankets
1 Bolster
1 Sandbag
Yoga Therapy Balls --> (I do sell these if you are interested in a set, please email me: monique@moniquemichaels.com)
Please choose only one webinar to attend.
Time shows in
EXCITED to have you join me on this Virtual adventure navigating together how we can live in our bodies and feel good to be there.
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