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Business Life After Coronavirus: Shareholder vs. Stakeholder Capitalism
What is the “new normal” for capitalism and is there any chance that we will ever return to it anyway?

No-one really knows the true business and economic consequences of the current crisis – is this the fundamental re-set that many have long predicted (and sometimes lobbied for)? Will the era that emerges see the triumph of new, compassionate capitalism – conscious of needs for climate and health – or will it witness a renewed emphasis on shareholders and investor returns, with a cadre of leaders anxious to return to old-style profitability and economic growth?

In partnership with Blueprint for Better Business

- Speaker:
Robert Shrimsley, UK Chief Political Commentator, Financial Times

- Chair:
Robert Phillips, Founder, Jericho Chambers

- Panellists:
Jane McCormick, Global Head of Tax & Legal Services, KPMG
Charles Wookey, CEO, Blueprint for Better Business
(Lord) Mervyn Davies, Chair of Corsair Capital, former Chair, Standard Chartered, and ex-Labour Government Minister

Time: 12.30pm - 2.00pm


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