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Quarantine Question Time

During these challenging times, we are committed to ensuring that young people’s voices are not overlooked in the political process.

That’s why we’re proud to announce Quarantine Question Time #QuarantineQT - the digital version of our Democracy Cafes, bringing together some of our favourite influencers, community leaders, and figures from across the political spectrum to discuss youth-led solutions to some of the biggest challenges that face our society.

How it works?

Each week we will aim to select a panel with a broad range of views, knowledge and experience, with panellists who are relevant to the big stories or debates of that week.

Raise your hand
Throughout this event, audience members are also given the opportunity by the chair to ask questions or make their own comments. In order to conduct this in a fair way to allow everyone the opportunity to speak, you will need to indicate by clicking the ‘raise your hand’ function.

Live Polling
We will be practising democracy in action by giving you the opportunity to vote throughout the event.

If you prefer not to speak and to write your question, you can type your question through the Q&A function on your screen. The Chair will then choose which questions to ask the panellists.


Now more than ever it’s important that politicians listen to our voices.

And, remember if you don’t do politics - politics will do you!
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