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How to Maintain Mental Wellbeing during this challenging time
We are progressing through an unprecedented period of uncertainty as our ‘normal’ gives way overnight, and we are all forced into the new ‘way of life’. With mind-blowing statistics on infection and deaths finding their way into our awareness on an hourly basis, pestering thoughts on job security and contemplating the next set of bad news, positivity is in short supply.
In times like this, we need to consciously take care of ourselves even more, physically and mentally, achieve balance and strengthen ourselves from within so that we can create and grow positively with purpose. This exercise in achieving a healthy mental wellness state of being is a journey, not a dash and more consequential when guided by experts.
In this edition of the Wellness webinar, we speak to wellness experts from SANGHA Retreat by Octave Institute to learn more about how we can maintain mental wellbeing and boost our immune system to have a life full of joy and peace.

Opening Remarks & Introduction by Sheetal Rastogi, Editorial Director, World Travel Magazine: 5.00 - 5.05 pm

Wellness by Jamie Waring, Managing Director - Wellness, OCTAVE Institute: 5.05 - 5.15 pm

Mental Wellbeing by Grace Zhu, Life Coach at Sangha Retreat: 5.15 - 5.35 pm
• Mindful stress reduction to maintain mental wellbeing
• Fear control to boost your immune system.
• Cognitive upgrade to have a life full of joy and peace

Q&A Session: 5.35 - 5.45 pm
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