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Sunday School With Jim Jenkins (3/29/2020) - Shared screen with speaker view
Eddie Yount
Welcome to LABC’s Virtual Sunday School. Jim Jenkins will be teaching.In order to ensure things runs smoothly as possible please read the following:1. Remember everything you do is seen by everyone and everything you say is heard by everyone. If you do not wish to be seen or heard, then turn off your microphone and camera.2. Make sure things are quiet around you to reduce ambient sound. If this is not possible mute your microphone unless you are speaking.3. If you and your spouse are using zoom in the same room and are on different devices, then an echo can occur that will grow louder with time. To prevent this from happening simply mute your microphone unless you are talking.
Melissa Garwood
Hey everyone!!
Melissa Garwood
You can turn off your video
Melissa Garwood
Do you remember Romper Room? I see Jim, I see Johnie....
Melissa Garwood
Please pray for Steve's sister Deb Bills
Stacie Williams
Holly McConnell’s 2 month old nephew passed away. It’s been very hard on her and her family!!
Melissa Garwood
Thank you, Jim for teaching us this morning! And, thank you for delivering our Standfirm and Journey!!
pray for all of us new homeschool moms
Stacie Williams
Thanks Jim!