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Tuesday Detox aka "Duck Butter"
Whatever you heard about the "Duck Butter Detox" its true. A very unorthodox approach to yoga but we set the rules and take you to school. Yes, Mary Mary is quite contrary in this class.

While this class will put you to task, the beginning and ending will remind you that yoga is the baseline. You just didn't know how much "base" We drop the "e" and add a "s" BASS.

Yeah, now we can get some work done on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and lymphatic system.

Time to Work. Sure we will include some familiar yoga moves just to help you remember you are in a yoga class but it's all in .....time to get the butter from the duck.

This class seeks strength, flexibility, range of motion, stamina and endurance and she finds it and gives it to you.

Immune building is paramount and peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. Spend this time getting both,

The class ending is priceless. After you work well. You rest well. Replenishing the tank.

REST = Real Energy Storage Tank. This how we replenish the tank with fresh energy. Empty and Refill.we have implemented additional security when logging into our classes.


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Be safe. Be well. Be peace.
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