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Online Community Breathwork
An online space for us to explore a theme, journey with Conscious Connected Breathing and share our experiences.
This experience will introduce you to the transformational practice of Conscious Connected Breathing… a journey that creates awareness & capacity of the breath.
Conscious Connected Breathing uses the intentional, rhythmic inhale connecting to a passive exhale. This is your tool to release held patterns of adaption & reaction held in the body. These are made to our physical, mental, emotional or social environment… It is the same breath, nervous system & body we use to navigate all of these environments.
Okay sounds great.. but why do that?
When you free tension in the body then consciously creating new breathing patterns. You create freedom, vitality & energy in life to engage with what you wish to focus on.
Conscious Connected Breathing can offer a whole spectrum of experiences. Most importantly you are in control of your experience. I will be guiding you through the journey. Most importantly Breathe at a pace and strength that is suitable for you.
Zoom Room: 943-578-886
Password: Breathe
What to expect:
15min Theme exploration.
30min Guided Conscious Connected Breathwork
15min Share
What to bring/ do
A comfortable space to lay down.
A safe space where you can be alone and uninterrupted.
A computer, laptop or phone with ZOOM software downloaded (its free)
Stable WiFi or data connection.
A pen and pad.

If you can refrain from using a pillow this. Will be most beneficial anatomically, if you do use a pillow use a thin one.
A pillow or rolled up blanker under knees and thighs can help a deeper release of the lower back and diaphragm.
Invite curiosity and compassion to your experience.
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What can the Breath unlock in your life?
Much love
If you have any questions do reach out:
Meeting is over, you can not register now. If you have any questions, please contact Meeting host: Jez GK.